• What is NOBE aloe vera?

    NOBE aloe vera is a lifestyle beverage consisting of 50% aloe vera. It is a lifestyle drink that should be enjoyed for its great taste and exciting texture! It comes in different flavors and variations, of which one is free from sugar.

  • There are chunks in the drink. What are those?

    The chunks come from the aloe vera-plant. They are the flesh of the fruit, or the jelly, that can be found under the skin of the leafs .

  • Which part of the aloe vera plant is used in NOBE?

    The aloe vera in NOBE comes from the plant Aloe Vera Barbabensis – and the only part that is being included in the drink is the jelly from underneath the skin of the leafs. .

  • Where can I buy NOBE aloe vera?

    NOBE aloevera is available in Sweden, Denmark and Finland and can be found in retail all over the countries.

  • How does NOBE aloe vera contribute to a better society?

    Throughout the years, NOBE has collaborated with numerous events and organizations that in different ways specialize in contributing to a better, happier or healthier society. At the moment, NOBE is supporting Löpakademin, an initiative to inspire youths to run. NOBE is also collaborating with Fryshuset and it's project "Street Pep", which aims to engage children and youths in socially vulnerable areas in more activities and movement.

  • When was NOBE aloe vera launched?

    NOBE aloe vera met the market the first time on the first of January 2014.

  • Where are the NOBE aloe vera drinks produced?

    NOBE aloe vera is produced in South Korea.

  • Does NOBE aloe vera contain sugar?

    Most of the NOBE aloe vera flavors contain sugar. The NOBE drinks are a tasty experience and should be consumed with enjoyment in mind. However, the Crispy Apple flavor is free from added sugar.

  • Is aloe vera healthy?

    NOBE aloe vera is not marketed as a health product. It is a lifestyle drink that is delicious – a great thirst quencher with fun aloe vera chunks in it. It is a fun drink that is supposed to be consumed because of its flavor.